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Is there a legacy behind your assets? Cullinan understands. Your portfolio of common stocks represents years of hard work and sacrifice. Your stocks may be the financial legacy of a spouse, parent or grandparent. In nearly every such case, Cullinan clients do not want to relinquish their shares for any reason. Which is why our first objective is protecting your shares from being called away. That's where our experience comes in.

For more than two decades, Cullinan has been using call writing to help clients generate additional income from large stock positions while retaining their shares. Few firms have our experience in this specialized area. We currently conduct OverWriting on more than 200 different stocks.

OverWriting uses a client's existing concentrated stock position to generate additional cash flow through the writing of covered call options. Cullinan employs multiple tools to avoid having shares called away due to option exercise. Good candidates for OverWriting are large-cap stocks with exchange-traded options that provide attractive premium income. Cullinan can evaluate whether a particular stock is conducive to OverWriting.
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